Felt in Nepal

Felt is divided into three division. They are Wet Felting, Needle Felting, Carroting. Wet felting is made by consuming hot water on animal hair and repeated agitation and compression that causes fiber to hook together into single piece of fabric.Needle Felting means creating felted object without using water. The special needles used to make 3D sculptor, jewelry,adornment that catches fiber and tangled them with others fibers. Carroting is an old method which is followed from 20th centuries . it is good quality felt for making men's hat. In this process, Beaver,rabbit or hare skins were treated with dilute solution in an oven where the thin fur are turned in different color like orange. 

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Felt in Nepal

Nepal is very famous and popular for felt, it is made by matting, pressing natural fiber together such as wool,animal fur or synthetic fiber.  Felt is used in wide range of industries and manufacturing process,casino to musical instrument and home construction.