Nepal is the second richest water resources country in wide world. Nepal is bored by republic India and republic of china. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world which is found there,as well as Himalaya Mountains. The Capital city if Nepal is Kathmandu which has a population of over two millions people. The second largest city is pokhara which is major tourist attraction of Nepal that is rich in Natural Beauty. Phewa Lake is also located on pokhara. You can have different activities related with nature like trekking, rock climbing, zip flying, Rafting etc. We highly recommended for all kinds of activities in Nepal.


Nepal is very rich in culture. You can find 32 caste living together as a family. Different kinds of festivals are celebrated in this country like Dashain, Tihar,Holi, Loshar etc. Nepali people exchange their culture and festival with each others. The national cuisine of Nepal is dhindo and Ghundruk which is made by dough of gram and fermented green vegetables.

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Felt in Nepal

Nepal is very famous and popular for felt, it is made by matting, pressing natural fiber together such as wool,animal fur or synthetic fiber.  Felt is used in wide range of industries and manufacturing process,casino to musical instrument and home construction.