Outdoor Activities and Attraction

Outdoor attraction and Activities             

Few destinations in world can experience and match the Nepal in variety of world class experience like: mountaineering, nature tours, trekking, culture tours, pilgrimage tours, white water rafting, canyoning, kayaking, mountain flights, jungle safari, bird watching, fishing, paragliding, bungee jumping, etc.  We have it all. Special interest for visitors of tours like culture trek, village trek, hunting, meditation, tours are carried out for selected groups throughout the year.


Nepal is ultimate destination for trekking. It offers huge of possibility including short trekking availabilities. It is easy to the demand challenges with the mountains full of snows. There is something for everyone easy or extensible or moderate. Nepal offers most dramatic and eye catching trekking routes of the world. The great contrasts in climates and altitudes are found here. Trekking is as much as experience able as a Himalayan activity in Nepal. It is support able with cultures and lifestyles of local people. In the base of mountain of the icy successful point of the Himalayas, one passes picture able charming villages diverse by ethnic groups either with shadows or not. Treks vary from expedition and altitude.

Mountain Flight

One who can’t tolerate the sickness of mountain climb is facilitated with mountain flights. The flight flies over the Mount Everest and other summits also. Usually, these provide the close view to the top of the world. Around one hour flight is arranged for a route. You get to see many Himalayas like Gosaithan, Dorje Lakpa, Gaurishanker, many others and Everest. The flights are arranged by several airlines. It is arrange in morning from domestic airports from Kathmandu.


Nepal has eight of the highest peaks in the world. It proudly includes Mt. Everest. It is hardly surprising that Nepal is the stage for most outstanding achievements in the world of mountaineering with mountaineers and goals. The mountain bodies and ice lands challenge the spirits of the daring ones. Mountaineering is a challenging experience able activity in Nepal. As Nepal is mountainous country, Nepal is adventure able in this activity than others.


Canyoning is available in Nepal now which is extreme popular sport in Europe. Rafting and canyoning is most popular enjoying water activity is today’s generation. It gives chance to enjoy the white water rafting and falls of water. The thunder of water gives the thrilling experience of adventure. There are huge numbers of river in Nepal which flows of mountainous snow range after it melts. Thus, Nepal is famous for river rafting, canyoning and kayaking. It is best way to play with water and experience the beautiful moment.


Paragliding is simplest and safest way of adventure. It is newly opened adventure in Nepal. Paragliding is least expensive than others. It helps to discover the joy of flying in the sky alone. Paragliding provides an opportunity to view and experience the beautiful Himalayas and temples view, natural beauty from upside flying with eagles in the sky. It is located in Pokhara above 1450m where paraglidires take off jump.

Village tour

Village tour is a process of rounding on village and expressing with local village people. This activity helps you to know about village daily life and lifestyles. This can teach you the agriculture and farming process because most of villagers are dependent upon, agriculture, farming and animal husbandry. Village tour gives you the chance to experience their local community. One can learn the culture and tradition through village tour.

Bungee Jump

Bungee jump is a thrilling experience able adventure. You can enjoy natural bungee jump up from the pool in Nepal now. There many Bungee jump opening started recently in Nepal. Bhote Koshi is best place to experience the thrilling bungee in Nepal.

Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari is a process of roaming around the thick plants and trees and seeking the wildlife natural habitat. Bardiya National Park, Chitwan National park and Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve are the best sites for jungle safari. It is best way to utilize your holidays and feel the nature with animals. You can view there elephant feeding their baby, Bengal tiger chasing its pray, elephant bathing in river, etc.

Nepal’s Unique Treasures

  • ·         Mt. Everest-Highest Peak on the Earth
  • ·         Kumari-Living Goddess
  • ·         Lumbini-Birthplace of the Buddha 

Rich Natural Heritage

12 National Parks

  • ·         Chitwan National Park (932 sq.km)
  • ·         Sagarmatha National Park (1148 sq.km)
  • ·         Banke National Park (550 sq.km)
  • ·         Bardiya National Park (968 sq.km)
  • ·         Khaptad National Park (225 sq.km)
  • ·         Langtang National Park (1710 sq.km)
  • ·         Makalu-Barun National Park (1500 sq.km)
  • ·         Parsa National Park (637 sq.km)
  • ·         Rara National Park (106 sq.km)
  • ·         Shey-Phoksundo National Park (3555 sq.km)
  • ·         Shivapuri  National Park (159 sq.km)
  • ·         Suklaphanta National Park (305 sq.km)


Hunting Reserve


  • ·         Dhorpatan  (1325 sq.km)

Conservation Areas

  • ·         Annapurna Conservation Area (7629 sq.km)
  • ·         Api Nampa Conservation Area (1903 sq.km)
  • ·         Blackbuck Conservation Area (15.95 sq.km)
  • ·         Gaurishankar Conservation Area(2179 sq.km)
  • ·         Kanchenjunga Conservation Area(2035 sq.km)
  • ·         Manaslu Conservation Area (1663 sq.km)
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