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About Us

A Leading Felt Industries

Felt In Nepal Pvt. Ltd is the best manufacturer handmade felt factory from the Nepal which is most popular for all kinds of handmade felt products and famous all over the world as handmade felt craft. It is established on 2013 with the cooperative of experienced and young energetic people. Our company is linked in the heart of Kathmandu, Nayabazar where we can easily able to promote our different designs of felt products and deliver it on timely.

 Most of the workers of our company are uneducated and without deprived of education they are unable to live standard life. Our felt company leads to those uneducated person to live standard life by providing skilled and training program of all handmade felt products. 

Nowadays, they are moving forwarded by producing durability and best productions of different handmade felt products. Felt In Nepal is also a friendly relations company which have mutual and cooperative relationship to other company also. It is more creative and vast productions of handmade felt products. With the mutual relation people from different country visit our company and helps to spread our handmade felt products making the advertisement of our felt product, article etc.

In 2015,A team of customer from USA visit our company to make movie related to handmade product to promote our handmade product all over the world. They come with full movie equipment including entire producer, director, cameraman and actors.  They also verified and experienced our handmade felt product. It is the best felt product company which leads to move forward to all the people and as well have a fortunate to get quality product.

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